TCR was originally founded to participate at robotics competitions.

We joined the RoboCupJunior Rescue Line Competition. In retrospective this was a great decision.


We took part for 7 consecutive season and this subsite is dedicated to just that.

Check out the timeline down below and if you are able to understand german, our old website and the paper at the end of this page might be a nice read as well.

RoboCup Junior  |  Rescue Line

  • 2012/09/10

    The beginning

    We were originally formed by our teachers to participate in 2012´s First Lego League. After moderate success we decided to continue as a team, but with some changes.

  • 2013/01/01

    New League

    We switch from FLL to the RoboCupJunior Rescue Line Competition, with an all Lego-Robot and changed from a graphical programming language to a text based one during the season.

  • 2013/12/01

    More advanced Robots

    New Twin Robots were developed for the 2014 season.
    They still used Lego parts, but self designed multiplexer and linescanner PCBs were implemented.
    Sinus & Cosinus would be used for a long time.

  • 2014/07/20

    First major wins!

    Our hard work has paid off!

    Sinus and Cosinus worked phenomenal.

    In 2014 we won the German Open in our league and ranked third in the World Cup in Joao Pessoa, Brasil.

  • 2014/09/01

    The next big step

    After the 2014 season we decided to build a new robot, Tangens, which used solely non-Lego parts.
    Custom designed PCBs, much more complex software and a lot more was in development to reach that goal.

  • 2015/04/02

    New season

    Because our new Robot Tangens took more time than expected to be ready for competitons we used Sinus & Cosinus in the 2015-season.

  • 2016/09/01

    Tangens first season

    Tangens first season was quite successful!
    In the 2016 season's European Open, we became vice european champion.
    We learned a lot about our new design in the competition enviroment.

  • 2017/12/01

    A different focus

    In the following seasons we focused more and more on technical aspects.
    To overcome new challenges, which were introduced with a new set of rules, we developed the most promising concept - an camera system with machine vision - and even wrote a paper about that.

  • 2019/07/01

    Every end is a new beginning

    After we graduated school, our participation at the RoboCup Junior had to end.
    In University, we decided to continue working on amitious tech projects without participating in competitions.

    This is a new era for TCR!


The previously mentioned Paper is provided as a PDF download. It is about redesigning our robot with an image processing system for the Rescue Line competition. It will be used to decide which scope of the line will be followed at visually labelled intersections. Visually labelled Intersections were introduced in the 2016 rule-change and all our previous approaches were not as efficent as hoped. The Paper was written by Aaron Bracht and Finn Breuer in 2019 as part of their Abitur.
It is written in german.

Redesign of a mobile autonomous system with integrated image processing for operation in a disaster simulation